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  • The Security research center provides a rich source of information with several analysis reports on chosen topics ranging from DDoS attackers' tools to mitigation techniques and other research items.

  • Featured Report
  • 2014-2015 Global Application & Network Security Report

    Radware’s annual Global Application & Network Security Report is designed to benefit the entire security community and provide a comprehensive and objective review of 2014 cyber-attacks from both a business and a technical perspective and gives best practices advice for organizations to consider when planning for cyber-attacks in 2015.

  • Reverse Engineering a Sophisticated DDoS Attack Bot

    In June 2015, Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) detected a Tsunami SYN Flood attack against a customer. Interested in studying the malware behavior, Radware’s Security Researchers obtained a sample of this malware binary and then deployed it in an isolated and controlled environment. This report offers an inside look into the rise of the DDoS for hire marketplace, analyzes the attack sources and tools, and reviews overlooked security vulnerabilities and best practices.

    Radware’s 2013 Global Application and Network Security Report

    Change is headed your way whether you're prepared or not. DoS/DDoS attacks are the weapon of choice for cyber-hacktivist groups and are increasing in severity and complexity. But don't press the panic button just yet. Prepared by Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), which actively monitors and mitigates attacks in real-time, this report provides insight to help detect, mitigate and win the extended and persistent DoS/DDoS battle.

    Availability Risks in Mobile Networks

    Mobile networks are becoming very similar to common IP-based networks. However, while organizations have years of experience and knowledge in defending against cyber threats in common IP networks, they are years behind in terms of accumulated knowledge in defending mobile networks. This research paper examines mobile network technologies and provides insight into the specific threat types that may affect mobile network availability today and in the future.

    Pre-Attack Planning Causes Successful DoS/DDoS Attacks

    A new study has found that attackers are not only studying potential targets but also gathering information about their vulnerabilities in order to launch potent and successful attacks on their victims.

    Can You Stay Anonymous While Participating in a DDoS Attack?

    Taking part in a Hacktivist group is completely different than being part of a Botnet. In the Botnet,
    case participants are recruited to an attack without their knowledge, and in the Hacktivist group, case
    members knowingly take part in attack activities.