• Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) monitors cyber attack campaigns around the globe. This page contains information on an attack campaign against US based websites, named #OpUSA. This attack is schedule to May 7th, 2013. Radware ERT provides real-time information about websites that are affected during the campaign, information from the various attackers’ communication channels and analysis of the attack methods and tools.

  • Radware's ERT Feeds

    Time (EST) Feed

    5/7/13 - 12:19

    All OPUSA reporting channels are showing low activity rate at the moment. 

    5/7/13 - 10:14

    Well into the attack, no major site disruptions have been reported yet. 

    5/7/13 - 08:30

    US citizen details (with credit card details) posted on Pastebin, check to see if you are listed. 

    5/7/13 - 06:00

    Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters have disassociated themselves from OPUSA 

    5/7/13 - 04:48

    Just received a report of a first defaced financial related target  

    5/7/13 - 02:42

    Almost 3 hours into the attack, still no reports of any major outages or damage made  

    5/7/13 - 01:10

    US based webmail account and personal details leaked, Check out if your name is there - AnonPaste-Link  

    5/6/13 - 09:15

    Israeli Elite group launches a counter attack in response to #OPUSA

    5/6/13 - 09:00

    US government emails were supposedly hacked by Mauritania Attacker - ScreenShot - Updates will be posted if this is confirmed or not

    5/5/13 - 09:00

    ERT have verified the current list of published defaced sites - It seems no major site was defaced yet. also many of the published sites are non US related

    5/5/13 - 07:00

    ERT have started actively monitoring #OPUSA