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    Welcome to the DDoS Knowledge Center! This section presents timely and comprehensive information about the most current network and application threats. The DDoS Knowledge Center is a source for basic to advanced levels mixing various teaching supports such as written documents, glossaries and animations. It will help you have a better understanding of DDoS prevention and mitigation.

  • Imagine yourself walking into a bank that only has a single teller window open. Just as you're about to approach the teller, another person rushes into the bank and cuts in front of you. This person begins making small talk with the teller, and has no intention of performing any bank-related transactions. As a legitimate user of the bank you're left unable to deposit your check, and are forced to wait until the user is done with his or her conversation. Just as this user leaves, another person rushes into the bank, again cutting to the front of the line ahead of you and forcing you to keep waiting. This process can continue for minutes, hours, or even days, preventing you or any of the other legitimate users who lined up behind you from performing bank transactions.

    You have just experienced the equivalent of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

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