• How Application Delivery Controllers Work In SDN Networks

    Application delivery controllers can fit into the SDN network trend. They allow you to control your network through a centralized controller service and more.

  • Application delivery controllers can fit very well into the software defined networking trend. SDN networks allow you to control the network through a centralized controller that can be programmed in order to create different types of network intelligence decisions including enforcing quality of service, including enforcing very smart routing algorithms and so on. Layer 4-7 applications or application delivery controllers, understand application. They are aware of the health of the server and the application by that they can provide information which can be very important for network decisions. So if the application delivery controllers can communicate with the network controller of the software defined networking infrastructure, it can teach them about different types of application states. By that the network controller can create or decide about more or smarter decision in terms routing and in terms of new quality-of-service that they can enforce in the network fabric.

    Other services that application delivery controllers can provide are security services. There, layer 4-7 understands what the different threats to identify are and the different threats against the different types of application. If this type of information can be communicated with the network controller then the network controller can decide about the different types of counter measure from blocking attacks on the network fabric layer and to other decisions like diverting traffic or creating some kind of isolation of the traffic in a certain area in the network. This is under different conditions of risk in the network so for example if the application delivery controllers see that there is an attack to a specific server or application, the network layer can decide to divert all this traffic to an isolated place, isolated computing resources and analyze them there and then decide what to do with it later on.

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