• DDoS Attacks Increase Due To Hacktivism

    Hacktivism has led to increased DDoS attacks on government, financial organizations, online businesses and well -known brands.

  • The main industries that have been targeted for DDoS attacks in the past two or three years have been government industries, financial organizations and general online businesses. We have also seen well-known brands all over the world being attacked. If you analyze the motivation of this trend we see that the motivation for the DDoS attacks is what you call hacktivism. These are attackers planning their DDoS attacks according to some political statement they want to make. In order to do that there also changing the characteristics of their DDoS attacks they are using. This is what we call a DDoS attack campaign. These hacktivism trends create a situation in which that the attack tries to put down the site under denial of service condition. For example, everybody in the public will be aware that the site is down by that they can make a real statement so if they take very popular sites or online business sites and put them down of course everybody in the news will talk about that and by that they can make their announcement and talk about their political opinions and so on.

    The different characteristics of these DDoS attacks become a real challenge for many organizations. The DDoS security framework that is required in order to protect against these types of attacks should include multiple DDoS security technologies. The main reason for that is that these attacks aren’t much directed. They are not using what we call a single vector attack, they are using simultaneous attack types generated by multiple attack vectors that are trying to conduct the denial of service attacks or distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS attacks). They are trying to penetrate into the databases of the companies that there are targeting in order to expose and steal some confidential information. They are also trying to generate different types of inclusions that exploit different types of vulnerabilities in the application. All of that in order to make some impact that everybody in the public will understand that there is an attack on certain government sites, certain financial organizations and by that they are making everybody aware of their political opinions and different types of statements they want to make.

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