• Operation Ababil DDoS Attacks

    Learn more about Operation Ababil, one of the longest DDoS attacks in history, composed of a series of denial of service attacks targeting various financial institutions.

  • Operation Ababil is DDoS attack that happened on September 18th 2012 and continues to this day representing the longest DDoS attack campaign in the world’s history on a continuous basis. The DDoS attack included a bunch of waves and phases. These really are warfare terms, which mean that there were different types DDoS attacks that happened at different periods of time. During one of the DDoS attacks of Operation Ababil, there was a very sophisticated bot, that was server based, that had a genius tactic to it that used trusted environments and cloud environments of financial institutions to be able to attack them which negated the bank’s ability to actually block them with standard DDoS attack prevention tools, rate limiting tools or IP blocking.

    Operation Ababil used six attack vectors. Two of those vectors were volume based DDoS attacks such as UDP and TCP floods. Four of the vectors were actually non-volume DDoS attacks: SSL DDoS attacks, directed DDoS attacks (vulnerability based DDoS attacks), SSL re-negotiation DDoS attacks and server cracking DDoS attacks. In those four non volume DDoS attacks, they pierced through the ISP based protection sets, the volume based scrubbing.  Those volume based scrubbers were not able to handle these four additional non volume DDoS attacks. Those DDoS attacks came through and were handled by premise-based devices and also handed through the wise hands of an emergency response team at Radware.

    The combination of the six DDoS attacks and a brand new DDoS attack technique demonstrated how sophisticated DDoS attacks can be and how you need a combination of both cloud scrubbing and premise-based scrubbing along with knowledgeable, wise hands over the DDoS attack sequence to be able to handle the defense. Operation Ababil continues to today. Nobody can really tell what the next step is going to be but we do know the proper detection, proper mitigation and wise hands to be able to hand the whole changing landscape are need in order to defend an infrastructure.

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