• DDoS Attacks and User Experience

    Data centers need to maintain business operations even under duress. Learn how to mitigate DDoS attacks while providing the best user experience to customers.

  • One of the fascinating elements of modern day data centers is being able to provide the proper end user experience even when under DDoS attacks.  Whether DDoS attacks are attacking your site from time to time or maybe your organization has where DDoS attacks are attacking you continuously Radware can guarantee the best user experience for you customers.

    How Do You Get The Best User Experience Even While Under DDoS Attacks?

    Many people ask, “how do you maintain your user experience while being by DDoS attacks?” The ability for customers to be able to have a high quality user experience is essential and really the key to having the best user experience lies in the idea of being able to detect not just the DDoS attacks, but being able to distinguish exactly what is legitimate traffic and being able to have that legitimate traffic have its own resource so that customers can be delivered the quality user experience that they expect from your website and essentially from your business.

    The nature of that detection of is a behavioral capability, so being able to tell not just on a single parameter, not just on a single kind of rate-based information but on all parameters, what is illegitimate and being able to pull from almost in a surgical way illegitimate traffic from legitimate traffic. If we use a daily analogy we know in and out our building; there are people that come in every day and that’s normal and there are people who come in maybe legitimately, but are abnormal in that they don’t come in every day. Those are still legitimate users and then there are illegitimate users. In the world of DDoS attacks and cyber attacks, while you’re under constant attack there now needs to be separate resources to be able to do the filtering and the security and the mitigation as well as a service delivery for your base businesses. That is the key.

    Currently Under DDoS Attacks and In Need of Expert Emergency Assistance? Radware Can Help.

    DDoS attacks or malware outbreaks can create unwanted emergency situations. Radware offers a 24 x 7 D DoS service to help respond to these emergencies, neutralize the security risk, and better safeguard operations before irreparable damages occur. If you’re being hit with DDoS attacks and are in need of emergency assistance, Contact us with the code "Red Button".

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