• DDoS Attack Mitigation System

    Find out how Radware's DDoS attack mitigation system defends against DDoS attacks that are focused on the availability of systems and target security systems in place.

  • The security technology industry needs a change because we noticed our customers were buying individual DDoS mitigation and cyber attack prevention solutions such as an IPS, or buying a web application file or an anti-virus. Today customers are required to buy many different DDoS mitigation and cyber attack prevention tools to somehow program a policy or build a policy across them and integrate all of these tools together to create one cyber security solution and when a DDoS attack or other cyber attack comes they are also expected also to have the DDoS mitigation or cyber attack prevention expertise in house to be able to protect against these DDoS attacks and cyber attacks. I think today, we see this concept has failed. Simply, we are just seeing DDoS attacks and other cyber attacks every month that are successful. Whether it’s the Wikileaks that brought Visa and Mastercard down, whether it’s the CIA website that went down, Citi Financial and so on and so on. Every month we here about all the cyber attacks and DDoS attacks that are successful that bring down web applications.

    Radware’s Attack Mitigation & Emergency Response Team

    Radware’s concept is different. What our customers really need is a variety of cyber attack prevention and DDoS mitigation tools. Tools that actually surround the various cyber security technologies that are needed to protect against DDoS attacks and other cyber attacks. They also need the DDoS mitigation knowledge and cyber attack prevention expertise that can be delivered in real-time to where the DDoS attacks and cyber attacks are happening. This is the concept behind our Attack Mitigation Service. We have built a very high end, high capacity DDoS mitigation and cyber attack prevention system that integrates the various cyber security technologies including: denial of service attack protection, DDoS protection, network intrusion protection, network behavioral analysis, IP reputation, web application firewall and more, all the necessary DDoS mitigation and cyber attack prevention technologies to protect your business. Radware also provides an emergency DDoS service and cyber attack prevention with their Emergency Response Team service that is open 24 X 7 to help customers who are being attacked by DDoS attacks or other cyber attacks. Customers can call in and an emergency response team will help our customers with DDoS mitigation and cyber-attack prevention on their infrastructure in real time. So essentially, Radware’s Attack Mitigation Service is a fully integrated, dedicated product for attack mitigation with the expertise in real-time in your environment.

    I think a relation as we know it today is more of a problem of linking together the different security tools but when you have an integrated solution that works together actually the need for correlation in the sense of attack mitigation is lessened. Radware’s focus is to really build this platform that can dynamically and in real-time activate the needed modules to protect and not just deliver all kinds alerts or correlation engine that will find out and just alert you that something is happening.  So our focus is really on the mitigation piece and building those integrating systems that will allow you to protect your business.

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