• DDoS Security In Cloud Computing

    Find out why organizations will be faced with DDoS security challenges in the future of cloud computing and how experts should solve this problem.

  • DDoS security for cloud computing will be very complicated issue in the following years as it has been one in the last few years. The main reason is that cloud computing is based on distributed computing resources that are usually shared and uses different types of virtualization computing technologies which all contribute to make the DDoS security framework a lot more complex and harder to control. The main reason is that all resources can be very dynamic, they can move or migrate from one physical host to another and they can be extended upon demand. All of that creates a higher complexity of maintaining DDoS security policies for this environment. Part of the effort to address these type of new problems or complexity in the DDoS security world is by trying to develop new virtualized security technologies that will cause the security network manager in the end to control the security policy in a way that will move with the resource or will be extended if the resource is being extended as well. By that it will ease the way that DDoS security can be controlled in a cloud computing environment.

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