• DDoS Security – DDoS Threats Now & For The Future

    As DDoS threats and attacks continue to grow in sophistication and complexity, organizations need to adopt more advanced DDoS security solutions.

  • Current DDoS Security Threats

    In the most recent past, what we’ve seen is a continuing evolution of very sophisticated, complicated DDoS security threats that include both traditional volume-based DDoS attacks; like SYN floods, UDP floods that include non-volume DDoS attacks like directed DDoS attacks, SQL injections, low and slow attacks,  DDoS attacks that are born from modern day applications, encrypted floods, encapsulated DDoS attacks and now a broadening to a category of FTP and SMTP floods. As we move forward we can see that it’ll be easy to bypass current DDoS protection mechanisms, such that people are using which are very simple, like CDN protections like NetFlow detection systems, like simple scrubbing in environments that do not have a local detection.

    Future DDoS Security Threats

    The DDoS security threats mentioned above will be the future and the DDoS attacks will grow in complexity which will include SIP-based attacks which we’re seeing a large increase in. That’ll include SMTP based attacks, especially for environments where email is absolutely vital. They will include DDoS security threats and attacks on your ecosystem cloud providers. They’ll include encapsulated DDoS attacks like IPv6 and 4, 4 and 6. They’ll include TLS attacks, encrypted SMTP environments and the machine to machine attacks. These DDoS security threats will be all complicated in that the platforms of the DDoS attacks will be taking advantage of the modern major trends going on in information technology.

    The mobile trend we are seeing is the trend of having unmanaged mobile devices which would be leveraged as part to amplify the DDoS security threats and attacks. So you can imagine in the future, you’ll have automobiles, television sets, refrigerators, tread mills, all participating in a DDoS attack as they’re compromised. You’ll also have the modern day trend of software defined networks which will open up categorical elements to be able to attack you from within your environment as the controls from that infrastructure start to become vitally deployed and moved.

    You’ll have also a trend of DDoS security threats which will be to lock-down your environment by the government. The government will start to enforce compliance of critical infrastructure via laws, regulations and standards. We will see that the DDoS security threats will begin to change the requirements and the overarching trend  on IT will exasperate your problem.

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