• DDoS Service Explained - Why The Need for 24/7 DDoS Services

    It's important for organizations to have an emergency 24/7 DDoS service that provides the three major elements vital to your DDoS mitigation program.

  • In modern day technical environments, one of the things that you hear over and over again, is that resources are very slim and the ability to manage an infrastructure and be aware of all the technology of an infrastructure isn’t realistic, to become experts in everything that you procure. A modern day 24/7 DDoS service with an emergency response team, a partner that will be able to give you three major elements to your DDoS mitigation program is absolutely vital in being able to help you protect yourself.

    1. Dexterity - The first element of having a 24/7 DDoS service with an emergency response team is that you’ll have keen, quick access, immediate access to super users on a technology that you procured locally. They can help you run, manage, maintain, configure that technology. We call that dexterity of the equipment itself.
    2. Give People a Break - The second element of fighting today’s modern day attacks is that they’re very long. They’re persistent. The average timeline these days, according to Radware reports is that it will be 20 days in total duration if somebody decides that they want to attack you and take you down. That is a lot of attrition. Modern day DDoS services with a 24/7 emergency response team partner can assist you, filling in the gap with people that need to just go to sleep.  Being able to rest. They can provide that continuity of care during an attack that’s being fought.
    3. Wisdom - The third major element is wisdom in the DDoS attack fighting space itself. Wisdom is a matter of gained knowledge over a long period of time on DDoS attack mitigation techniques. This is something that not all companies are going to have, essentially the benefit of being able to have experience. Whereas a DDoS service with a 24/7 emergency response team in time of need will be able to bring the wisdom needed on how to use these tools most effectively in being able to mitigate the DDoS attack. And as the perpetrator continues to move the chess pieces, unanticipated chess piece moves will be able to be matched with wise handles on exactly what they are doing.

    Currently Under A DDoS Attack and In Need of Expert Emergency Assistance? Radware Can Help.

    DDoS attacks or malware outbreaks can create unwanted emergency situations. Radware offers a DDoS service that includes a 24/7 emergency response team to help respond to these emergencies, neutralize the security risk, and better safeguard operations before irreparable damages occur. If you’re being hit with DDoS attacks and are in need of emergency assistance, Contact us with the code "Red Button.”

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