• What is a Distributed Denial of Service Attack? DDoS Attacks Explained

    What is a DDoS attack? How does it impact my business? Learn what Distributed Denial of Service attacks are and understand the impact of such attacks.

  • Introduction to Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS Attacks)

    The first step in launching a Distributed Denial of Service attack or better known as a DDoS attack is to recruit an army of bots. In order to turn a computer into a bot, DDoS attackers develop specialized malware which they spread to as many vulnerable computers as possible. Malware can spread via comprised websites, email attachments or through an organizations network.  Any users tricked into running such malware will unintentionally turn their computer into a bot and provide an access point for DDoS attackers to their computer.

    Once a computer turns into a bot it connects to the DDoS attackers command and control servers and it begins to accept orders from these centralized machines. The orders from the command and control servers include directions for launching a distributed denial of service attack or DDoS attack from the bots malware to a particular target using selected attack methods. An army of bots is named a botnet and usually consists of thousands of bots. Anytime the botnet owners want to launch an attack they send messages to their botnets command and control severs with instructions to perform an attack on a particular target. Any infected machines in the botnet will comply by launching a coordinated well timed distributed attack known as a distributed denial of service attack or a DDoS attack.

    Is Launching a Largescale Distributed Denial of Service Attack Difficult?

    Launching a large scale DDoS attack is not a difficult task to carry out. One doesn’t need to create its own botnet as various paid for hire DDoS services are available. Anyone using such as service can launch a powerful distributed denial of service attack on a target of their choice from anywhere from $5 to $200 per hour depending on the DDoS attack size and duration. An average duration of a DDoS attack is about 24 hours.

    What Are The Motivations Behind DDoS Attacks?

    The motivations behind DDoS attacks can be financially driven, pursuit of crippling a business competitor, hacktivism, political or even just for fun.

    What Are The Business Impacts of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks?

    No one, however, should doubt the potential cost of a successful DDoS attack. The business impact of a distributed denial of service attack is substantial and it can involve financial losses, reputation damage, customer agitation and legal repercussions.

    Under Attack and in Need to Stop DDoS Attacks Now?

    Radware offers a DDoS service to help respond to security emergencies, neutralize the risk and better safeguard operations before irreparable damages occur. If you’re under a DDoS attack or malware outbreak and in need of emergency assistance, contact us with the code “Red Button.”

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