• How To Stop DDoS Attacks With High Level of Sophistication

    Learn about sophisticated DDoS attacks and get DDoS prevention techniques to stop these DDoS attacks from ruining your organization.

  • Sophisticated DDoS Attacks

    In 2012, we saw a new cyber security trend; a consistent and steady increase in the persistency and sophistication level of DDoS attacks. These DDoS attacks comprise of multiple attack vectors and they’re significantly longer in their duration. Nowadays it’s more common to see DDoS attacks with four, five or even ten attack vectors, lasting three days, a week or even a month. This new trend creates a diversity of challenges for which most organizations find themselves unprepared to stop these DDoS attacks.

    Why Do You Think Organizations Are Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight?

    We say that “someone is bringing a knife to a gun fight” to someone who does prepare himself for DDoS attack but does not understand its true nature. Organizations today are like that. They do invest before the DDoS attacks start and conduct excellent forensics after it is over. However, they have one critical blind spot; they don’t have the capabilities or resources to sustain a long complicated DDoS attack. Attackers on the other hand, understand this blind spot and use it to their advantage. This is why we see time after time outage even in the most respectable online services.

    How To Stop Sophisticated DDoS Attacks

    To stop these DDoS attacks organizations need to change their DDoS attack defense strategy from a two phase security approach to a three-phase security approach. In a two-phase approach there is a pre DDoS attack phase and a post DDoS attack phase. This was sufficient in stopping the DDoS attacks as long as the DDoS attacks were short in time. Now, with DDoS attack campaigns lasting days or weeks organizations need to add a third phase to fight back during the actual DDoS attack. This translates into many things but the most important component is to have a DDoS service that includes a dedicated team of experts who can not only dynamically respond during the DDoS attacks but also take more proactive actions.

    What Did We Learn?

    The prolonged DDoS attacks allow us for the very first time to really fight back. First we can adopt the organization’s security configuration to the constantly changing DDoS attack. Second, we can collect intelligence in real-time about the attacker. Who they are? What DDoS attack tools they’re using? And finally, we can deploy DDoS prevention techniques against the attackers to stop DDoS attacks at their base.

    Under Attack and in Need to Stop DDoS Attacks Now?

    Radware offers a full range of DDoS protection solutions to help networks properly mitigate and stop DDoS attacks similar to these. Our DDoS attack mitigation solutions provide a set of patented and integrated technologies designed to detect, mitigate and report todays most advanced DDoS attacks and cyber threats. With dedicated hardware, fully managed DDoS services and cloud solutions that protect against DDoS attacks, Radware can help ensure service availability. If you’re under attack and in need of emergency assistance, contact us with the code “Red Button.”

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