• Low and Slow DDoS Attacks

    Find out how low and slow DDoS attacks take advantage of legitimate connections and disrupt company websites and business functions.

  • Low and slow DDoS attacks are an attacker or a perpetrators attempt to be able to disrupt an organization or otherwise attack an organization without using volume. Essentially, the major point of low and slow DDoS attacks are to either get in under a volume DDoS attack, in conjunction with  volume DDoS attacks or essentially hit an adversary with D DoS attacks that maybe under the radar screen, somewhat obfuscated.

    Low and slow DDoS attacks are HTTP oriented attacks that take advantage of legitimate connections and RC protocols, to make certain that your website and services in your businesses never function. They by definition are legitimate, are within standards, however, they are nefarious. Low and slow DDoS attacks require very special application-level detection and cannot be scrubbed by cloud scrubbers and require premise-based advanced application based detection.

    The best way to think about these types of DDoS attacks is to think about it like this, for example, let’s say I had a bridge from which there are toll booths set up so that you would have to pay and cross on the other side of the bridge. You would be able to see clearly an arming amass Amada and you’ll be able to keep them off the bridge.

    But if you had single actors that were passing on to the bridge and they were up to disrupting that bridge, those single actors can  actually enter the toll booth all at the same time and begin the process of just putting one coin at a time in the toll box taking all of the available spots. Essentially this means that everybody there is legitimate and everybody is acting within the bounds of legitimacy, however, the whole system fails.

    Under as Low and Slow DDoS Attack and in Need of Expert Emergency Assistance? Radware Can Help.

    DDoS attacks or malware outbreaks can create unwanted emergency situations. Radware offers a DDoS service to help respond to these emergencies, neutralize the security risk, and better safeguard operations before irreparable damages occur. If you’re under low and slow DDoS attacks and are in need of emergency assistance, Contact us with the code "Red Button.”

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