• Mobile DDoS Attacks – The New Hacker Target

    Over the past two years, mobile DDoS attacks have been used to gain access to users personal information and data. Get more information now.

  • Mobile DDoS attacks are certainly a new target for hackers and we have seen that in the past two years. Attackers are investigating more and more with operating systems and mobile applications in order to try and penetrate them with mobile DDoS attacks. The main reason for that of course is that mobile applications and mobile devices and what we call smart devices have become more and more popular and soon almost everybody will have one.  There is a warm sense of intimacy when you are using these mobile devices. Users like to use all of their confidential information which are stored on these mobile devices. It’s very simple for them to read and to take it anywhere.  This is why mobile DDoS attacks have become more and more attractive for an attacker to try and penetrate into these mobile devices and steal this very important information about the users. As the operating systems that these mobile devices use become more and more known to the public the more opportunity hackers have to explore and understand how these operating systems were developed. Attackers are now finding new vulnerabilities that are specifically directed in these operating systems of the mobile devices try to generate mobile DDoS attacks to exploit them  and to try to steal this confidential information. 

    Another point which is important to mention is that there are many types of mobile applications, what we call mobile apps, that are used by their owners of these devices. These mobile applications are usually really not well secured so when you download them it exposes you to new types of mobile DDoS attacks and vulnerabilities which attackers try to exploit all the time. In other words, mobile applications expose users to more types of mobile DDoS attacks and threats each and every day.  What’s even more interesting is that today there aren’t too many security applications that are deployed on mobile devices to prevent mobile DDoS attacks. In terms of security technologies for mobile devices, they’re not that well advanced as of yet.  So many users prefer not to use security technologies on their mobile devices and think that maybe this is the responsibility of protection of mobile DDoS attacks is on their mobile service provider to provide some level of mobile DDoS security which is not the real situation. This is why there is actually a false sense of security in terms of mobile devices and mobile applications and we will see more and more mobile DDoS attacks on these mobile devices as hackers try to exploit vulnerabilities on the mobile OS level and on the application level as they try to steal this information which is confidential information of the user and conduct different types of fraud activities against the user.

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