• Mobile DDoS Security In The LTE Era

    Advancements in the LTE network technology is exposing the network to more threats which are raising concerns for increased mobile DDoS security.

  • Advancements in the LTE network technology in the mobile industry will expose the network to new and more threats which are raising concerns for increased mobile DDoS security. The LTE network by definition has two types of technologies that are becoming more advanced. One is on the bandwidth size using new technologies on the radio area, it will allow mobile devices to communicate with high throughput or higher bandwidths.  Of course there are a lot of advantages by doing that because the mobile devices or the smart devices would be able to communicate like any other personal computer. On the other hand because the bandwidth is large now they will be exposed to more DDoS attacks increasing the need for mobile DDoS security. For example, if a mobile device allows us to talk or communicate with very high throughputs it can also create a situation for attackers that will allow them to infect these mobile devices with bot malware that will use the resources of the computing mobile device in order to generate a well-organized DDoS attack. Each mobile device will be able to generate more bandwidths for the DDoS attack and by that the threat will become a lot higher and we will see more and more DDoS attacks that are now conducted by mobile devices increasing the need for DDoS security on mobile devices.

    So this is one part to the mobile DDoS security considerations that we need to analyze on LTE networks  and another part is the core network of the mobile operator that use the LTE technologies becoming IP only. In the past there was an IP network and a voice network but now it’s all IP. The advantage of IP only is that it provides the mobile operators and the users with the flexibility of IP networks meaning that you can integrate more application, more value added services in an easier way and by that it creates more of a revenue generation for businesses and for the mobile operators that use LTE. On the other hand it exposes the core network of the mobile operator to all the known vulnerabilities that we are aware of in the IP networks including exportation of operating systems in order to put them in an out of service condition in order to take control over the network in the application level that on top of these IP networks. All of that will expose the core networks of the LTE operator as well as the mobile devices to more types of DDoS attacks. In order to create a better framework of mobile DDoS security all of these new challenges need to be addressed and it will take some time but at this stage we see that the network is being analyzed differently which will require more and more mobile DDoS security technologies to be integrated into the LTE network.

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