• The Real Enterprise Value of Software Defined Networking (SDN)

    There are many benefits to the use of application delivery controllers within software defined networking. Learn about them from one our security experts now.

  • SDN is software defined networking and this is a new trend we see taking place in the networking industry. The idea behind software defined networking is to decouple the hardware from the software on the network fabric. Very similar to the idea that was taking place seven or eight years ago in the computing fabric industry. All the virtualization in the computing fabric is now taking place on the network fabric as well. By decoupling the software from the hardware we create a situation in which we control in a centralized manner the network fabric. As opposed to what is going on today when all their application or the software is being distributed in the network fabric now it will decoupled from the routing and the switches appliance will be centralized in a certain location with the software defined networking defined as a controller. This means that all of the network applications will be defined as part of a network controller that will be able to enable the industry to program it.

    The real value that software defined networking provides for the IT enterprise is that their own IT manager will be able to define its own protocols and they will be able to control which protocol will be enforced or taking place within the network. If it’s a really advanced network, it will allow them IT enterprise to program the protocols according to their characteristics of its own network. This means that it can work with any vendor network equipment and it will enable the IT manager to be allowed to use its own application networks and not coming from the network vendor. It will allow them to shape their network environment according to business needs of the IT enterprises when today this is not the situation. Today the situation is that the IT manager needs to be actually controlled by the networking vendor. Like Cisco and Juniper and used application that they deliver is part of their network infrastructure.

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