• SSL Attacks and SSL DDoS Attacks

    SSL attacks and SSL DDoS attacks are easy to execute, hard to detect and difficult to mitigate; making them a favorite among cyber attacks. Protect yourself now!

  • SSL attacks and SSL DDoS attacks have quickly become the favorite of cyber attackers. SSL attacks represent the analogy of an IED device in cyber warfare as that they are easy to execute. There are various tools that hacking communities and hackers use to launch SSL attacks such as cURL and BackTrack. There’s also something called THC SSL which is a very famous tool used for SSL attacks. THC SSL was created by The Hackers Choice (THC) an international group of security researchers and hackers, and they developed this proof of concept tool to encourage vendors to patch SSL vulnerabilities and offer anti-DDoS protection. THC-SSL-DoS require only a small number of packets to cause denial of service (DoS) for a large server. It initiates a regular SSL handshake, then immediately requests renegotiation of the encryption key. The tool repeats this renegotiation request until all server resources have been exhausted. As you can see there are plenty of platforms from which hackers can execute SSL attacks and SSL DDoS attacks and addition it’s very hard to detect and extremely hard to mitigate SSL attacks. They actually make a folly of our existing security infrastructure as the existing security infrastructure is now the vulnerability from which is being exploited.

    Who’s at Risk of SSL Attacks and SSL DDoS Attacks?

    Almost any company who is using SSL encryption or Secure Socket Layer encryption in order to protect their websites are at risk of SSL attacks and SSL DDoS attacks. To put this into context almost all retailers are using SSL as part of a primary security mechanism of their websites. Governments are using SSL or secure socket layer encryption in order to protect the government sites.

    SSL Attack Defense

    SSL has become ubiquitous at the same time become vulnerable to exploit. So this unique situation out there right now where many of the DDoS attacks are becoming more effective essentially increasing the efficacy of the DDoS attacks has been through SSL attacks. This idea of an increased in efficacy in SSL attacks has actually risen in the importance of the perpetrators in the designing of new tools and new techniques to launch successful SSL attacks and SSL DDoS attacks.

    The defense for today’s SSL attacks and SSL DDoS attacks requires new technology. The old technology, this deep pack inspection of encrypted traffic puts devices in the middle of a communication mechanism which gets actually overwhelmed by the encrypted flood. So basically this means, the existing way at which companies do deep packet inspection SSL offloading is the vulnerability that is being exploited in SSL attacks and SSL DDoS attacks. These new SSL attacks and SSL DDoS attacks are so effective that it requires a brand new approach, if you will, a reproach on how you employ technology against encrypted flood attacks.

    Under a SSL DDoS Attack and in Need of Expert Emergency Assistance? Radware Can Help.

    Radware offers an emergency DDoS service to help respond to security emergencies, neutralize the risk and better safeguard operations before irreparable damages occur. If you’re under  a SSL DDoS attack or malware outbreak and in need of emergency assistance, Contact us with the code "Red Button.”

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