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  • Daniel Smith

    Security Researcher

    Daniel Smith is an information security researcher for Radware's Emergency Response Team. As a white-hat hacker, his expertise in tools and techniques helps Radware develop signatures and mitigation attacks proactively for its customers. He focuses on security research and risk analysis for network and application based vulnerabilities. Daniel’s research focuses in on Denial-of-Service attacks and includes analysis of malware and botnets.

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  •  Cybersecurity is the proverbial game of whack-a-mole. With categorical alterations to tactics, techniques and procedures, nobody knows exactly what the future holds, but indicators from yesterday and today allow us to foretell what we can expect tomorrow."

  • Understanding the Darknet and Its Impact on Cybersecurity

    This piece explains how the darknet has refined the art of hacking, and in the process, how it has dramatically expanded the threat landscape that organizations now face.

    OpIcarus: A Success or Failure

    Over the years, I have tracked a number of Anonymous operations. I like to consider myself a historian of sorts, but recently it seems that everyone is intentionally forgetting the past so they can reshape the future to fit their agenda. To add to the confusion there are a number of outlets who are unable to verify threat actors and their activity from just a few years ago. Let’s clear up a few things about OpIcarus.