• Losing Sleep in the C-Suite

    What’s causing cross-industry executives to lose sleep? Read more to learn what risks, threats and trends are considered the most worrisome to today’s top executives.

  • Security Matters to C-Suite

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    From the Corner Office – Insights from a Chief Information Security Officer

    This contributed byline from a CISO at a top-five U.S. carrier explains top attack trends from 2016 and managing expectations with executive leadership. Due to the collateral damage associated with successfully cyberattacking a service provider, it’s no surprise that these organizations are facing an increased likelihood of being attacked.

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  • All businesses are potential targets, and the boardroom is beginning to understand just what and how much are at stake. Since 2012, IDC has seen a sharp increase in the frequency, bandwidth volume, and application orientation of attacks. With these types of attacks on the rise, organizations need to be aware of, and take steps to protect their infrastructure from the advanced methods today's attackers use."

    Christian Christiansen, Program Vice President, Security Products & Services IDC
  • IoT: Internet of Things or Internet of Threats?

    With the IoT, the physical world is becoming one big information system with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life and empowering new business models. However, this also means that more personal information and business data will reside in the cloud and be exchanged between thousands of devices that may have exploitable vulnerabilities.