• DDoS Chronicles

    The only way to fight today’s cyber-attacks is to be prepared. Read these short articles that provide observations, explanations and information about today’s threat landscape.

    IoT: Internet of Things or Internet of Threats?

    With the IoT, the physical world is becoming one big information system with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life and empowering new business models. However, this also means that more personal information and business data will reside in the cloud and be exchanged between thousands of devices that may have exploitable vulnerabilities.

    In the Crosshairs: Six Cyber Security Threats Gunning for Your Online Business

    In today’s hyper-connected world, nearly all businesses, regardless of size or industry, have some element of their operations based online. From the largest online retailers and financial service companies to gaming and social media brands, organizations are transforming how they conduct business and have become increasingly dependent on network-based services.

    Securing Online Assets – 4 Critical Steps for Protecting Your Online Business

    Businesses of all sizes, across all verticals, generate significant sales online, increasing their risk and exposure from outages and breaches. Unfortunately, malicious actors understand this and target online businesses with this in mind.

    The Growing Threat From Ran$omware

    You are catching up on some Web surfing using your favorite mobile device, when all of a sudden everything freezes and you receive a message telling you...

    DDoS Protection, Four Main Cyber Threats: Crime, Hactivism, Espionage and War

    Richard Clarke, a former White House cyber security adviser, coined the acronym CHEW to refer to the four main threats: crime, hactivism, espionage, and war.

    IDC Agrees: Single Vendor Hybrid Provides Ideal Cyber-Attack Protection

    A definitive trend in the cyber-security market is the movement towards “hybrid” DDoS protection solutions. In Radware’s 2014-2015 Global Network & Application Security Report, we can see that many information security practitioners have either already implemented hybrid technologies (36% of survey respondents), or plan to by the end of 2015 (48%).

    Increase DDoS Mitigation Times With Defense Messaging

    One of the primary capabilities to consider when evaluating DDoS cyber-attack mitigation vendors is time to mitigate. Specifically, how quickly can effective protection be enabled once a DDoS attack is detected? The immediacy of DDoS mitigation is important for one very obvious reason: downtime costs companies money and many modern attacks create immediate downtime when they hit. The faster a DDoS attack can be mitigated, the faster the site is back up and the less financial impact to the company.