• DDoS Chronicles

    The only way to fight today’s cyber-attacks is to be prepared. Read these short articles that provide observations, explanations and information about today’s threat landscape.

    Nation-State Cyber Activity Is On The Rise

    2016 ended with an IoT botnet attack against Dyn that put CNN, Netflix, Twitter and other sites and services in the dark. The year 2017 continued the trend of headline-grabbing attacks with campaigns hitting multiple organizations in multiple geographies.

    The Changing Face of Hacking

    Change is the only constant, and hacking is no exception to this rule. A hacking evolution is underway - fueled by greater automation, growing monetization and increasing chaos and conflict by those aiming to prosper from hacking products and services. To safeguard your organization’s most prized digital assets starts with understanding what motivates hackers, their tools and techniques and the increasing consumerization of the attack landscape.

    APIs Come Under Attack

    APIs will be at the heart of many upcoming technological capabilities., but protecting them will be one of the gravest concerns of cyber-security professionals for years to come. Based on research from Radware’s 2017-2018 Global Application & Network Security Report, here is a list of concerns for APIs - many of which will be attacked in 2018 and beyond.

    Evolve and Adapt: Why DevOps is Raising the Bar Security Solutions

    DevOps and agile software development practices is creating dynamic IT infrastructures that require adaptive security solutions to safeguard them.

    History of DDoS Attacks

    Since the first DoS attack was launched in 1974, DDoS attacks and other DoS attacks have remained among the most persistent and damaging cyber-attacks. These attacks reflect hackers’ frustratingly high levels of tenacity and creativity—and create complex and dynamic challenges for anyone responsible for cyber security.

    Anatomy of a Hacker

    This piece profiles the various types of hackers, their motivations, and the tools of the trade. In the old days, hacking was as much an art as it was a science. It required a distinct set of skills, proficiencies and capabilities. Today, attack services are purchased and sold via the Clearnet and Darknet.

    DDoS Protection: See Through the Smokescreen of DDoS Attacks to Protect Sensitive Data

    Hackers are now using attacks as the means to another, potentially more devastating, end: stealing data. In these attacks, cybercriminals distract business and IT resources to pursue larger objectives. The key is being prepared and having the proper DDoS detection and mitigation solutions and processes in place.