• DDoS Chronicles

    The only way to fight today’s cyber-attacks is to be prepared. Read these short articles that provide observations, explanations and information about today’s threat landscape.

    DDoS Attack Mitigation: Increase Mitigation Times With A Defense Messaging System

    One of the primary capabilities to consider when evaluating DDoS cyber-attack mitigation vendors is time to mitigate. Specifically, how quickly can effective protection be enabled once a DDoS attack is detected? The immediacy of DDoS mitigation is important for one very obvious reason: downtime costs companies money and many modern attacks create immediate downtime when they hit. The faster a DDoS attack can be mitigated, the faster the site is back up and the less financial impact to the company.

    Why Hiding Behind your CDN from Cyber-Attacks Won’t Work

    All too often, organizations small and large fall victim to the false notion that having a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that provides web optimization services, is also the ideal place to protect from DDoS threats. While CDNs often have excess capacity that can be used for attack absorption, they generally are not set up to effectively protect their customer’s infrastructure, data centers or even applications.