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    Cyber criminals don't keep regular hours. They work around the clock to find and exploit holes in your network and that is why DDoS prevention is so important. Read the latest research to understand the current threat landscape and how to stop DDoS attacks.

  • 2017-2018 Global Application & Network Security Report

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    Cyber-Security Pushed to the Limit

    Bitcoin, Ransom Attacks and AI Take Over

    What's driving cyber-security attacks today? The answer is simple – cyber-crime. Financially motivated attacks have security organizations scrambling resources and technologies to keep up defenses. But gaps still exist. Read Radware's "2017-2018 Global Application & Network Security Report" to learn more.

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  • As we see more and more attacks of all types, we have an obligation to share this knowledge with our customers so that everyone can be as vigilant as possible. We know that attackers are focused on their 'job' 100% of the time. Staying abreast of changes in attack patterns, objectives and execution is something that must remain 'on' at all times."

    Director of Network Engineering, ServerCentral