• Types of DDoS Attacks & Tools

    Cyber-attacks have reached a tipping point in terms of quantity, length, complexity and targets. Read these short articles to get familiar with today’s most common types of DDoS attacks and tools and learn how to protect against these threats.

    The Big 3 Cyber-Attacks Targeting Proxy Servers

    As a facilitator of access to content and networks, proxy servers have become a focal point for those seeking to cause grief to organizations via cyber-attacks due to the fallout a successful assault can have. Based on research from Radware’s 2017-2018 Global Application & Network Security Report, here are three types of attacks that organizations can expect to target their proxies.

    The Rise of the Botnets: Mirai & Hajime

    The Internet of things is fraught with connected devices offering a staggeringly low level of security. Depending on which source is consulted, the number of IoT devices could reach as many as 20 billion by 2020. With hackers using an array of new malware to commandeer these digitized soldiers into botnet armies, it was only a matter of time until hackers unleashed these devices into a massive, distributed DDoS attack.

    2017's 5 Most Dangerous DDoS Attacks & Steps to Mitigate Them

    Throughout the history of mankind, whether in warfare or crime, the advantage has swung between offense and defense, with new technologies and innovative tactics displacing old doctrines and plans. For example, the defensive advantage of the Greek phalanx was eventually outmaneuvered by the Roman legion.

    Internet of Threats: IoT Botnets and the Economics of DDoS Protection

    The piece explores the rise of IoT-based cyber-attacks and analyzes the various attack vectors.

    Friend Turned Enemy: SSL-Based Cyber-Attacks

    SSL-based cyber-attacks are the posterchild for the idiom “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” A cryptographic protocol turned enemy, SSL improves privacy and integrity, but can also create a blind spot in corporate defenses when hackers leverage it to mask cyber-attacks and malware.

    Pick Your Poison: The Most Popular Cyber Attacks of 2016

    As security experts deploy new defenses, hackers develop new attack vectors to counter the countermeasures. The result is a plethora of attack types that, depending on industry trends, rise and fall in popularity. Based on Radware’s 2016 – 2017 Global Application & Network Security Report, this piece outlines the cyber-attacks that proved popular in 2016, and thus sheds light on what to expect in 2017.

    Top 10 Cryptoware Types

    Locky propagates through spam emails with infected files, and changes all file extensions to .locky.