• Types of DDoS Attacks & Tools

    Cyber-attacks have reached a tipping point in terms of quantity, length, complexity and targets. Read these short articles to get familiar with today’s most common types of DDoS attacks and tools and learn how to protect against these threats.

    DDoS Attacks Targeting Server Resources

    Types of DDoS attacks that target server resources attempt to exhaust a server's processing capabilities or memory to cause a DDoS security weakness. An attacker takes advantage of an existing vulnerability on the target server or in a communication protocol. The target server - website, web application server, web application firewall, or intrusion prevention system - becomes so busy handling illegitimate requests that it can no longer handle legitimate requests.

    Seven DDoS Attacks Targeting Network Resources

    Types of DDoS attacks that target network resources use a large volume of illegitimate traffic to try to consume, or flood, all of a victim’s network bandwidth. In a typical flooding attack, the offense is distributed among an army of thousands of volunteered or compromised computers - a botnet - that sends a huge amount of traffic to the targeted site, overwhelming its network.

    Types of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks and Denial of Service Attacks

    Major types of DDoS attacks include attacks targeting network or server resources, low and slow attacks, SSL attacks, and attacks targeting application resources.