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    The Dakota Access Pipeline Project (DAPL) is the construction of a 1,172-mile-long pipeline that will span across three states. Domestic production of light sweet crude oil in North Dakota will be transported in the pipeline to a major refining market in Illinois.

    DDoS Rain Clouds


    Cloud platforms are now being used by hackers in an attempt to launch largescale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. In addition to DDoS attacks, hackers leverage th

    Cyber-Attacks in the Palm of Your Hand


    Smartphones. What began as the next generation of mobile phones has morphed into portable computers which combine the capabilities of a personal computer with the features for mobile and handheld use. These devices are powerful enough to perform many of the operations of a PC, and as a result, are now the catalyst for launching cyber-attacks on the go.

    DDoS as a Service


    Seasoned hackers have typically relied on a variety of sophisticated tools that allow them to orchestrate attacks globally. However, a series of new, off-the-shelf tools are commoditizing the art of hacking, making it possible for novices with little know-how to launch attacks via affordable tools that are available on the Clearnet. These new pay-as-you go solutions include Booters, Stressers, and IP Stressers.

    2016 Summer Olympics: In The Crosshairs


    As the 2016 Summer Olympics approach, the cyber community turns its attention to the crowds and target-rich environment created by this high profile sporting event. Over 500,000 attendees to Rio De Janeiro are expected to consume record breaking connectivity volumes. This enormous demand will pose a security challenge for service providers as the 2016 Summer Olympics have the potential to be one of the most vulnerable sporting events in modern history and will provide cyber criminals with numerous opportunities.

    Energy & Utilities Under Threat


    Due to their size and reputation, energy and utility companies have become a prominent target for hackers, who seek to sow panic among the general public. The threat stems from social and environmental hacktivists, in addition to politically-affiliated hackers, who attempt to gain control of industrial control systems, disrupt the network, or deface corporate sites.

    OpIcarus Project Mayhem: DDoS Attacks Target Stock Exchanges


    Anonymous gears up its OpIcarus against the financial industry. OpIcarus’ third and last phase began with the takedown of London Stock Exchange website on June 5th 2016. This phase – called “Project Mayhem” – puts worldwide stock exchanges under a DDoS threat.