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    New cyber security attacks and DDoS threats are lurking in the shadows everyday. Read the latest information and stay head of these vulnerabilities with updated DDoS reports and cyber security threat reports from Radware's Emergency Response Team (ERT).

    OpSingleGateway: Anonymous DDoS Attacks on Thailand Government


    In a move to combat the government of Thailand’s strategy to implement central control of the nation’s Internet, Anonymous has launched OpSingleGateway. OpSingleGateway is in reaction to the Thai government’s plan to consolidate 10 Internet gateways in the country into a single, centralized gateway controlled by the government. The centralized gateway would give the government the ability to control, intercept and arrest any person not complying with Internet laws.

    The Rapid Evolution of Mirai Botnet DDoS Attacks


    The infamous Mirai botnet was responsible for the top three DDoS attacks in 2016, against Brian Krebs, OVH and DynDNS.

    HTTP Flood Tools: Inside the Hackers Arsenal


    While record-breaking volumetric DDoS attacks flash in the headlines, low profile Denial-of-Service attacks continue to hit business worldwide.

    Deutsche Telekom Mirai Botnet Takeover Attempt


    The purpose was to inject malware and enslave new devices, thereby turning them into a botnet for future attacks. This attempt failed and the routers where not infected. Yet, the devices crashed due to an overload caused by the attack.

    DDoS Attacks on Banks Worldwide & Losing Millions


    The financial services industry once again finds itself under cyber-attack, this time the victim of their own digital tellers. In recent weeks, banks in Russia, United Kingdom, Taiwan and other countries have suffered from mega breaches originated in compromised ATMs.

    Black Nurse DDoS Attack


    BlackNurse is a non-volumetric, low bandwidth Denial-of-Service attack that overloads firewalls and can potentially knock businesses offline. It can be easily launched from a single laptop.

    OpKillingBay 2016 Update – APDoS Attacks


    Online protests in the form of network and application attacks against countries and organizations involved in whale and dolphin hunting has become an integral part of hunting season. OpKillingBay is an annual Advanced Persistent Denial of Service (APDoS) campaign created by Anonymous.