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    Political Hackers: DDoS Attacks & the U.S. Presidential Election


    The 2016 U.S. presidential election has sparked a wave of politically-fueled hacktivism, leading to cyber assaults on candidates, political parties and governmental IT networks due to political and social affiliations. As protests transition from the streets to cyber channels, those with political influence have become the target of cyber-attacks.

    Worldwide Hospital Cyber-Attacks Posing Danger To Patient Data


    Turkish citizens are the latest victims in a worldwide cyber assault on medical institutions and healthcare providers.

    Revenge of the Students: Cyber-Attacks Target Schools


    The cyber-attack in Japan last week that took down 444 school networks simultaneously is the latest example of a worldwide trend: student-launched cyber assaults targeting educational institutions via online hacking services and tools.



    Anonymous has launched OpLGBT, a DDoS campaign targeting the state of North Carolina and its governmental institutes in response to controversial legislation passed by the state’s General Assembly - House Bill 2 (known as the “bathroom law”).

    OpIcarus Re-Engaged


    The Hacktivist Group Anonymous announced its plans to relaunch its cyber assaults on leading financial services companies worldwide. Named Operation Icarus, this event is intended to bring public attention to what Anonymous calls 'corruption' inside of the financial services industry.

    Ransom Attacks: To Believe or Not To Believe


    Apparently, ransom cyber threats are not only about encrypting files. Over the past week, there has been an exponential increase in DDoS for ransom threats. This is an increasingly popular tactic of extortion and financial gain for hackers and hacktivists alike - "if payment isn't received, a cyber-attack will be launched that can result in damaged reputation and lost customers/revenue."



    In an effort to fight for the rights of digital consumers throughout South America, the hacktivist group Anonymous has launched OpOperadoras, coordinated cyber assault against Brazilian telecommunication companies in response to a fixed broadband provision that would ban unlimited data plans in Brazil.