OpKillingBay Update


OpKillingBay, the annual campaign created by Anonymous, has continued into November and predicted to remain until the end of dolphin hunting season. Since our first alert, TeamRekt has continued to persistently attack targets for OpWhales, OpSeaWorld, and OpKillingBay.

A new member to TeamRekt, @teamrektit, has targeted a staggering 14 sites under OpSeaWorld and OpKillingBay since November 21.

On November 13, OpSeaWorld celebrated its first year of operation. Over the last year it launched a TweetStorm featuring pre-scripted tweets and has been included in a number of OpKillingBay attacks. OpWhales, OpSeaWorld, and OpKillingBay have worked together for the group TeamRekt.

Since October, OpKillingBay, OpSeaWorld and OpWhales targeted a number of industries including:

  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Media
  • Telecommunication
  • Government

Since our alert on October 23, TeamRekt targeted dozens of sites across three different operations.

We continue to see denial of service attacks, data dumps and service outages caused by these campaigns as OpKillingBay, OpSeaWorld and OpWhales target a number of industries directly and indirectly related to the hunting of dolphins and whales.

Additional Information

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